Ruby Cherry

Created by

  • Patrick Aubrion - Chef and owner of chocolaterie/pâtisserie Aubrion Chocolates
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Recipe components

Ruby Chocolate Moulding


Pre-crystallise at 29°C. Mould triangle-shaped mould. 

Reserve at room temperature.

Vanilla Cream

  • 80g
    Corman Glacier Butter
  • 2g
    concentrated vanilla extract

Soften until creamy. 

Mix together. Pre-crystallise at 29°C. 

Mix together gently.
Pipe into triangle-shaped moulds. 

  • 100g
    cherry cointreau

Insert half into cream of 1 triangle shape without cherry stalk. 

Compress both moulds. Reserve in fridge at 12°C for 1 hour. 

Ruby Spray Mix


Heat to 45°C. Mix together. Pre-crystallise.

Finishing & presentation

1. Unmould triangle cherries. Melt off sharp edges.
2. Make a little hole to put in the cherry stalk.
3. Spray with ruby spray mix.