Praline filling cookies

Created by

  • Raymond Tham - Independent chef; Callebaut consultant of the Chocolate Academy™ centre in Singapore; Won a gold medal at the 2005 Hospitality Culinary Theatre Competition; taught patisserie at KDU University College
level 2

After roasting, cocoa beans are still a very coarse raw material. I tried to capture that coarseness by incorporating cocoa nibs into the recipe to give it an extra bit of bite.

Recipe components

Cookies dough

  • 233g
  • 4g
    baking powder

Sieve together.

  • 188g
    unsalted butter
  • 83g
    icing sugar

Cream and add to previous mixture.

  • 35g
    egg yolks

Add to previous mixture.

Melt chocolate and mix in.

Leave dough to rest. Roll out till 4 mm thick. Cut and sprinkle with cocoa nibs. Bake for 10 minutes at 180°C.




Add to chocolate.

Add to previous mixture. Mix and pipe into cookies.