Power rocks

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  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux
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This recipe yields a delicious snack on the go, full of fresh and fruity nut flavours. It consists of pailleté feuilletine, hazelnut praline and hazelnut paste, bonded together into scrumptious ‘sticks’ and enrobed with a rich layer of intense milk chocolate Power 41. And to go all-out with the nut flavours, we’ve dressed some roasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios on top so your customers have a delightful crunch to go with the chewiness of the sticks.

Power rocks

Recipe components

Power rocks


Mix all ingredients at 45°C.
Temper to 23°C.
Spread out on a framed plate covered with paper.

  • 231g

Sprinkle on top. Leave to harden overnight.

Cut into sticks of 10 x 2 cm.

Enrobe the sticks.

  • Q.S.
  • Q.S.
    roasted whole pistachios
  • Q.S.
    roasted whole hazelnuts

Immediately sprinkle on top.