Arriba chocolate Easter nest

Created by

  • Axel Sachem - Callebaut® Chocolate Ambassador Belgium
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This pastry has some classic flavours, such as chocolate mousse and caramel, but in a wonderful presentation for spring or Easter. You should definitely try making the chocolate mousse with Single Origin milk chocolate Arriba, because it yields a lovely light chocolate mousse with fresh and slightly acidic notes. Heads up: this recipe requires some advanced pastry making skills.

Recipe components

Cocoa dacquoise

  • 375g
    egg white
  • 200g
    granulated sugar


Sift and carefully mix with the egg whites.

Spread on a 40 x 60 cm baking sheet and bake at 180°C for ± 20 min. Cut out ovals.

Arriba mousse

  • 250ml
  • 250ml

Heat. Possibly add a pinch of pepper, coriander powder or cardamom.

  • 25g
  • 100g
    egg yolks

Beat and mix with the cream to bring to the consistency of a thin custard.

Melt and blend into the thin custard. Allow to cool to 35°C.

  • 900g
    half whipped cream 35%

Carefully blend in.

Fill the Demarle Flexipan moulds (ref. 1054) with the chocolate mousse and freeze.

Finishing and presentation


Take the Arriba mousse out of the mould and place on the cocoa dacquoise. Spray with a mixture of cocoa butter and milk chocolate (50/50). Decorate with a pastry bag filled with milk chocolate and pipe on a frozen marble slab. Wind the chocolate strings around the pastry to form a nest. Fill in the cavity with slightly warmed Callebaut Caramel Fill and finish with a tiny egg (made of sugar), a few marbled Callebaut Callets™ sensation and feathers.