Yeast batter cake cocoa liqueur

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This recipe yields a delightfully moist yeast batter cake, soaked in crème de cacao liqueur to give it the rich bitter taste of dark chocolate, and some orange and vanilla flavour notes. Dressed with a dollop of lychee, white chocolate and Greek yoghurt mousse for a refreshing, sweet-flavoured accent, this piece of pastry is a real treat to the eye and the palate.

Recipe components

Yeast batter

  • 450g
    bread flour
  • 5g

Sieve together.

  • 140g
    whole milk


  • 25g
  • 40g

Dissolve in warm milk and pour in centre of the fl our. Allow to ferment.

  • 5
    whole egg(s)

Beat into previous mixture.

  • 225g

Pour over previous mixture and allow to double in size. Beat and pipe one third into greased dariole moulds. Allow to double in size and cook at 210°C for approx. 10 minutes until golden brown.

Soaking syrup

  • 450g
  • 1
    lime zest
  • 570g

Boil together.

  • Q.S.
    crème de cacao liqueur

Flavour previous mixture to taste. While hot, soak yeast batter cakes in it.

Lychee, white chocolate and greek yoghurt mousse

  • 100g
    lychee puree


  • 35g
  • 20g
    egg yolks
  • 10g
    cream powder

Whisk together and add to boiling milk. Heat up to 85°C.

Stir into previous mixture and cool to 28°C.

  • 25g
    greek yoghurt

Stir into previous mixture.

  • 75g
    half whipped cream 35%
Fold in.
  • Q.S.

Brush strip of milk chocolate at base of yeast batter cake. Decorate mousse with a white and milk chocolate flower. Place milk chocolate disc on top of yeast batter cake and place kernel of mousse on top of disc. Decorate yeast batter cake base with milk chocolate flakes Callebaut® SPLIT-4-M.