Black truffle ganache

Created by

  • Jean-Philippe Darcis - Callebaut® Amabassador and owner of Darcis Belgium
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Can one pair chocolate and the exclusive black truffle? Yes, we're referring to the black gold found in Italy - Piemonte - or the French Perigord region. And yes you can. This luxurious chocolate treat created by Jean-Philippe Darcis holds a black truffle ganache boasting earthy flavours. The trick is to cook the truffle as shortly as possible in the sugar mixture to keep it from losing its flavours.

Recipe components

Black truffle ganache

  • 450g
    35% cream
  • 90g


  • 10g
    Périgord black truffle

Grate into the mixture.
Cook quickly but thoroughly and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Strain.

Pour the mixture over the chocolate.

  • 11g
    truffle oil

Add and mix.

Table this mixture until the temperature cools to 32°C. Pour onto a 7 mm thick Flexipan® Guitare frame: ref. FT 04020. Allow to crystallise for 24 hours. Cut up with the guitar cutter. Coat with Callebaut Strong 70-30-42NV dark chocolate.