Recipe N° Dark Chocolate - 70-30-38 - 10kg Callets

Overwhelmingly intense, chocolate taste with a very solid cocoa body and comes with Fairtrade certification.
Pairing this chocolate with other flavours is easy: you can combine its solid chocolate taste and abundance in cocoa flavours with an endless choice of flavours and other ingredients
The taste of this chocolate is dominated by its solid body of roasted cocoa and powerful bitters. The right dash of acidity and sweetness create balance and contrast.
With its standard fluidity, the 70-30-38 guarantees great end results in a wide variety of applications: moulding and enrobing of confectionery, flavouring of ganaches, mousses, crèmes, crémeux, ice cream, sauces. With this chocolate, you will boost the chocolate taste and intensity in your creations, while enjoying the freedom to create and play with contrasting flavours.

Any reference to Fairtrade (FT) requires a valid Fairtrade certificate.

Where to find Callebaut?

intense cocoa - bitter - roasted - fruity hints

  • % min. Cocoa70.5
    % Cocoa butter38.9
    33.6% Fat free cocoa
  • % min. Milk 
  • % Fat38.9
    % Cocoa butter38.9

Available packaging

  • GM - CAL - Hero Packshot - 70-30-38 Fair

Order code

  • 70-30-38NVFAIR-01B *Callets™ |

Shelf life

  • 24 months


  • Kosher Dairy
  • Fairtrade