why NXT dairy free




  • centennials eats vegan

    1 out of 2 centennials eats vegan at least weekly*

    *BC study in Germany
  • consumers are flexitarian

    14% of consumers are flexitarian: eating mostly plant-based, only occasionally eating meat*

    *UK, YouGov, 2019
  • food allergies and intolerances

    1 in 4 consumers suffer from food allergies and intolerances – often related to ingredients from animal origin such as dairy*

    *BC study in Germany

Meet gen Z: the new generation of 18-25 years old. They’re 2 billion strong on our planet. They live with a positive mind and they make choices that have a positive impact on our planet, communities and wellbeing. Also in the foods they eat: choosing more often for vegan foods and cutting out ingredients from animal origin such as dairy, eggs, meat, etc. They want to do good and feel good – yet always with delicious taste as N°1 reason to buy a product.


NXT dairy-free chocolates are the first chocolates in the world to respond to all those needs: with indulgence that makes no compromise with the guarantee of 100% plant-based ingredients and no traces of dairy.

NXT dairy free
NXT dairy free
Francisco Moreira

Chocolate desserts and pastries are the N°1 preference to many. Putting plant-based, vegan, lactose-free or dairy-free chocolate classics on the menu is simply a must to respond to what guests are asking for.

- Francisco Moreira,  Chocolate Academy Belgium -


Dairy-free is the highest and strictest standard in the market. Where vegan, vegan-certified or plant-based chocolates are allowed to still have traces of dairy, NXT dairy-free chocolates guarantee no detectable traces of dairy and milk protein.


To make this dairy-free claim, we produce the NXT dairy-free chocolates in a segregated production environment where no dairy ingredients enter. What’s more, we don’t even allow nuts, eggs or other allergen-containing ingredients to enter (except soy).


Because of these high standards, NXT dairy-free dark and m_lk are not only delicious for vegan menus. They’re also suited for dairy allergies and intolerances.

NXT Difference Vegan Plant Based Dairy Free
NXT Difference Vegan Plant Based Dairy Free