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Try our latest seasonal recipe video below to add value to your restaurant menu this season.

Consistent quality, a delicious menu and excellent customer service are vital in securing repeat visits as well as securing new business through positive word of mouth. Our five top tips can help your pub deliver that all-important Lasting Impression:


  • Make your dessert offering visible when customers arrive to ensure they factor it into their meal choices
  • Make specials a big deal. Specials are an excellent way to upsell and suggests that they won’t be around for ever. It might not be on the menu next time they visit, encouraging customers to indulge
  • Assume indulgence! Rather than offering customers the chance to decline the dessert menu – bring it over and highlight staff favourites. Personal recommendations go a long way
  • Leave enough time for dessert, no one likes to feel rushed. Make sure you give customers enough time to choose and eat dessert before ushering them out for the next service.
  • Quality and presentation are key, the dessert experience is often your customer’s lasting impression



Customers are more likely to order dessert if a dish can be shared

“If we can bring people together with great food, beautiful drink and an incredible dessert, there’s nothing better”. Richard Brown, owner at Beastro, Manchester


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