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Try our latest seasonal recipe video below to add value to your café menu this season.

Consistent quality, a delicious menu and excellent customer service are vital to keep customers coming back to your café and securing new business through positive word of mouth. Our five top tips can help you deliver that all-important Lasting Impression:

  • Offer samples at the counter to upsell desserts and encourage customers to try something new
  • Ensure menu boards are clearly written and in the direct sightline of customers entering your outlet. Include a range of items to suit different taste preferences
  • Get to know your customers and welcome feedback, this will help to tailor your menu to customer likes and dislikes, whether its following the latest trend or maximising seasonal produce
  • Standing out is key – add stands of differing heights or risers to your display to catch your customers’ attention
  • Customers love to know more about what they are eating. Branding provenance and labelling can reinforce these stories and messages – is it granny’s recipe? Are the strawberries home grown?


STAT: cake sales generally peak around mid morning and mid afternoon

“You eat with your eyes first” Jerome Urbain, head chef at The Speckledy Hen, Guildford

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