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Protein bar Eclipse / Callebaut

Make every break matter, just fo for less sugar, and more quinoa and chia!

Black forest cake Eclipse / Callebaut

Tart is art. Treat this less sugar delight right and dive into some fresh cherry marmalade!

Back to school Ecl1pse / Callebaut

Discover the back to school recipes with Ecl1pse!

The 4th chocolate is here, born from the Ruby cocoa bean.

The 4th chocolate is here, born from the Ruby cocoa bean.

Aby każdy sezon był dla Ciebie i Twoich klientów GOLD! Poznaj 7 najnowszych receptur Callebaut z czekoladą GOLD i zainspiruj się!

Our development chef Julie Sharp shows you how to make simple chocolate decorations, using Callebaut chocolate.

What will the future look like in 2020? What will consumers - and more specifically the new generation of spenders called millennials - find important in their everyday choices?... AND which choices will they make in picking your chocolate delights?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 visitors would consider ordering dessert or buying pastries if they were made with chocolate?

A new interactive way to explore chocolate taste and great pairing ideas

Chocolate drinks

Spoil your customers with hot and cold drinks, made with genuine chocolate and bursting with a full Belgian chocolate taste.

Here’s a great way to give your customers a reason to celebrate every day. With Callebaut Chocolate Stars, you can easily turn your everyday delights into special treats for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Days are getting shorter. The first evening chill arrives. Isn't it a great time for a delicious cup of hot chocolate unlike any other? New: Origin Chocolates for Drinks!

If you want to bring your customers chocolate sensations that are genuinely different in taste, it’s a great idea to experiment with Callebaut ’s Origin Chocolates.

Beanology™ chocolate pralines

In this Callebaut TV episode Chef Josep Ribé shows how the inspiration comes to life in the creation of 5 unique Beanology™ bonbons. He plays with cocoa pulp, fermented ingredients, roasted beans and much more to create his Beanology pralines. Each praline tells a part of the story – and immerses you in a wonderful taste experience.

Trendwatching: slowcial

Disconnect from smartphone or tablet for a while. Take some time out for yourself and true experiences. That’s what ‘Slowcial’ is all about. Slower, better and nicer: a trend which consumers will embrace more in the years ahead of us.

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