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Callebaut sustainable packaging of the future for 10kg bag chocolate

Discover Callebaut's packaging of the future. Our classic 10kg chocolate in firm, compact and easy-to-handle packaging. One step further on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction with fresh chocolat

Callebaut christmas and new year chocolate recipe

Winter Holidays recipes

Delirium Caramel Tartlet image

Luxury patisserie is on the rise.

Gourmet cookie Ecl1pse / Callebaut

Experience crunch deluxe in an energy-packed cookie!

Travel Winter Eclipse / Callebaut

Nuts, seeds, dried raspberries, … the hazelnut travel cake with less sugar!

Yule log ecl1pse / Callebaut

Banana jelly really is a great addition to this yule log in sugar!

Rocky Road Eclipse / Callebaut

Ecl1pse milk chocolate, yuzu marshmallow, cocoa crumble and lots of pistachio pieces.

Protein bar Eclipse / Callebaut

Make every break matter, just fo for less sugar, and more quinoa and chia!

The 4th chocolate is here, born from the Ruby cocoa bean.

Callebaut Eclipse download booklet

Get inspired & download the Ecl1pse booklet!

Our development chef Julie Sharp shows you how to make simple chocolate decorations, using Callebaut chocolate.


What will the future look like in 2020? What will consumers - and more specifically the new generation of spenders called millennials - find important in their everyday choices?... AND which choices will they make in picking your chocolate delights?

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