Chocolate spray gun mixtures

Callebaut : The sprayed-on layer not velvety

The sprayed-on layer doesn’t look velvety

Possible causes and solutions 

The pastries didn’t have the right temperature

Always apply a chocolate spray gun mixture on pastries frozen at exactly -18°C. The thermal shock produces the desired velvet effect.

Callebaut: sprayed-on layer peels off

The sprayed-on layer peels off

Possible causes and solutions

The layer was applied too thickly

Always apply a thin, perfectly even layer of the chocolate spray gun mixture on your cakes and pastries to create a flawless velvet-like texture. Do this by making a smooth upward and downward seesaw motion while delicately spraying a very fine layer of the chocolate mixture. If the layer is too thick, it will have too much mass after crystallisation, causing the layer to peel off after a while.



The spray gun mixture was too cold

Before applying, heat up the chocolate spray gun mixture to 45°C. If it's less hot, it will crystallise too quickly and peel off eventually.