Miso caramel bonbon

  • Long shelflife
60 pcs
Shelf life:
60 days
Humidity controlled fridge

Spray mixture

Ingredients: Spray mixture

  • 200 g
  • 2 g
    Copper colouring
  • 200 g
    cacao butter

Preparation: Spray mixture

  1. Melt, mix and temper together.
  2. Spray bonbon moulds of your choice with the spray mix.

Bonbons (moulding)

Ingredients: Bonbons (moulding)

Preparation: Bonbons (moulding)

  1. Temper the chocolate and shell the moulds.

Miso caramel

Ingredients: Miso caramel

  • 1260 g
    Cream 35 %
  • 420 g
    Liquid glucose 40DE
  • 140 g
    Blonde miso
  • 4 g

Preparation: Miso caramel

  1. Heat together.

Ingredients: Miso caramel

  • 600 g

Preparation: Miso caramel

  1. Cook into a blond caramel.
  2. Deglaze with the hot cream.
  3. Cook to 106°C.

Ingredients: Miso caramel

Preparation: Miso caramel

  1. Pour over the combined chocolate and butter.
  2. Emulsify with the hand blender.
  1. Cool down to 35°C.
  2. Fill the shells.
  3. Seal the shells with tempered milk chocolate.