Delicious X-mas trees

Hollow figures are big in Belgium around the end of the year. There is so much creativity you do with them. So why not design your take on a traditional chocolate hollow figure? In this case, a Callebaut xmas tree mould is the base to decorate with wonderful crunchy tasty treats like nuts and caramel etc.

Tree base

Ingredients: Tree base

Preparation: Tree base

Use the cone and base moulds and mould with one of the chocolates. Leave to harden and get out of the moulds.

Preparation: Tree base

Mix and pulverise the chocolate shapes with the airbrush.

Finishing and presentation

Example 1: Decorate with candied fruits, pâte de fruits and marshmallows. Finish with a Season’s greetings tag.
Example 2: Decorate with chocolate sticks, almonds and caramelised hazelnuts, gold leaf and a Season’s greetings tag.
Example 3: Let dark chocolate drip on the top of the tree and decorate it with home made chocolates or caramels in cellophane wrapper, half spheres and a season’s greetings tag.


What does "Mix and pulverise the chocolate shapes with the airbrush." mean? Typo?