Honey cubes

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With Callebaut's flavoured chocolate you can create ganaches that amaze with an intense chocolate taste, and a little extra. In this recipe – made with honey-flavoured milk chocolate – the fine and sweet flavour of natural honey sparks up the taste sensation. If you know how to do hand-dipped pralines, this recipe is very easy to make. If you don't, surely check our tutorial section, where it's all explained.

Honey cubes

Recipe components

Honey cubes

  • 300g
  • 60g

Bring to the boil.

Melt in the cream mixture, mix well and leave to cool down to 35°C.

  • 70g

Mix into the cooled ganache. Leave to cool further, pour into a tray and leave to set. Remove from the mould.

Spread onto the ganache in a thin layer and leave to set. Cut into lozenge shapes or cubes and dip in tempered milk chocolate.