Work with a squeaky-clean dipping fork

If old, hardened chocolate from the previous batch of hand-dipped chocolates sticks to the dipping fork, it will be difficult to let the freshly dipped filling slide off from it, leaving traces of the dipping fork on the fresh chocolate shell. So always make sure to clean your dipping fork thoroughly before dipping a fresh batch of fillings.

After dipping the filling, pulling off the excess chocolate and cleaning the bottom of the fork against the edge of your container, place the filling with the front side onto the plastic (make sure that about 1/3 of it extends over the top of the fork). Then pull the fork from under it, but before you completely withdraw the fork, gently push your hand-dipped chocolate forward a little bit. This way you’ll create the perfect hand-dipped chocolate with a flawless shell.

Watch our tutorial about creating hand-dipped chocolates to learn the proper dipping techniques.