Rhubarb, orange and ginger fruity water based chocolates

Created by

  • Beverley Dunkley - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre UK
  • Clare England - Chefs at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center UK
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Ecl1pse recipe

Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients


  • .
    IBC Citrus Cocoa Butter
  • .
    IBC Gold Creative Powder

Pour some citrus cocoa butter and gold creative powder onto a piece of silicone paper.
Using a gloved thumb, dip first in the citrus cocoa butter and then the gold creative powder.
Press your thumb into the inside of the half sphere mould in a circular motion to create a swirl

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    Ecl1pse Belgian Milk Chocolate

Shell the moulds with pre-crystallised milk chocolate ecl1pse.
Allow to set for about 1 hour before filling them.

Fruit gel preparation

  • 200g
    rhubarb fruit puree
  • 20g
    caster sugar

Warm together in a saucepan.

  • 1g

Stir in.Boil for one minute. 

  • 0.4g
    ascorbic acid

Stir in. Cool to 29°C.
Pipe 3 g into base of the moulded chocolate shells.

Ganache preparation

  • 120g
    oat milk
  • 120g
    orange juice
  • 40g
    molasses sugar

Bring to the boil together. Leave to cool to 32°C.

  • 400g
    Ecl1pse Belgian Milk Chocolate

Emulsify the oat milk infusion and chocolate together with the hand mixer.

Pipe 4g of ganache on top of each fruit layer. Allow to set for a few hours. Close the chocolate shells with pre-crystallised milk chocolate ecl1pse. Leave to set at 12°C for at least 2 hours before unmoulding the chocolates.