Ruby Crispy Balls

20 pieces

Moulded Crispearls™

Ingredients: Moulded Crispearls™

  • 1.1 oz

Preparation: Moulded Crispearls™

Put on sights of half-sphere moulds.

Ingredients: Moulded Crispearls™

  • 7.1 oz

Preparation: Moulded Crispearls™

Pre-crystallise at 29°C. Cover centre of
Crispearls™. Close mould.

Reserve in fridge at 12° for 30 mins.

Moulded Half-spheres

Ingredients: Moulded Half-spheres

  • 10.6 oz

Preparation: Moulded Half-spheres

Pre-crystallise at 29°C. Mould.
Reserve in fridge at 12°C for 10 mins.

Fill cavities with Coffee & Gold Chocolate Caramel.
Use crystallised ruby RB1 to close mould. Stick 1st mould with Crispearls™.
Unmould top mould with Crispearls™ texture.
Put 2nd mould with complete bonbon in fridge at 4°C for 1 hour.
Crystallise ruby cocoa butter spray and only spray the side with texture.