Chai Chocolatte

Created by

  • Peter Hernou - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux
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Ready for a spicy cup of warm and creamy goodness? Then give this Chai Chocolatte recipe a go. There’s nothing to it: just warm up some chai-infused milk and melt a sachet of Callebaut Hot Chocolate Callets™ in it. And what’s beautiful about this recipe is that you can tailor the spiciness of the drink to your own taste: the longer you infuse the milk with the chai spice mix, the stronger it will taste. It's the perfect winter beverage!

Recipe components

Chai chocolatte

  • Q.S.
    chai spice mix
  • 1000ml

Soak the spices in the milk for a few hours. The longer they infuse, the stronger the taste. Then strain the milk.

  • 200ml
    chai infused milk
  • 1sachet
Add the ingredients to a milk pitcher. Steam up to ± 72°C. Then serve in a cup.