Thierry Lalet

Chocolaterie Saunion

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Thierry Lalet

“Chocolate has always been in the family, I’m the 4th generation. Today, we exist for 120 years. With the know-how that we have gained, we hope to reach 200 years.

Even though times have changed, we’ve kept a lot of our products. For example, the handmade bonbons that have become our signature product. Recipes as well as our clients have changed a lot throughout the years.

We have an established client base. Our clients trust us, they know what they want. This keeps us from experimenting: we already know what will work and what won’t.

On the contrary, this doesn’t stop our creativity. Chocolate already offers an elaborate flavour palette. Combined with the variety of simple ingredients like dried fruits, you’ll only have to add a little extra. That’s where our creativity lies.

“Our clients think of us as being very sharp and precise. There is no room for inaccuracy. We already know what will work and what won’t.”

I look for inspiration everywhere, even in situations that don’t have anything to do with chocolate. I always try to link it with chocolate.

I prefer simple flavours that are straightforward. If the flavours become too complicated, chocolate will lose its fun aspect. All our ingredients, except for the cacao and the almonds, are local.

The Pina Colada is a tribute to my favourite cocktail. At first it was a just bonbon with coco ganache. While drinking Pina Colada in a cocktail bar, I realised that my bonbon missed some pineapple. So, I recreated the recipe, and the rest is history!”