baking cream fondente
baking cream fondente

Fillings & creams to go!

creme a la carte champagne

The taste of home made – with guaranteed shelf life

Just like home made recipes, Callebaut’s ready-to-go ganaches are made with chocolate and cream to bring out their rich flavours. A dash of liqueur elevates the taste and guarantees long shelf life in your pralines and confectionery.

Tintoretto white orange

A wonderful base to create your personalised chocolate filling

If you’re looking for a tasty base with long shelf life to create your customised fillings, then Tintoretto definitely brings you a multi-fold of possibilities. Available in a choice of flavours and colours, Tintoretto can be used straight away, or you could it make it yours: aerating, flavouring, texturising...

baking cream gold

Turn your bakes into lusciously filled delights

Is there anything better than freshly baked crisps rolls and puffs filled with a luscious nut cream? Here’s a selection of Callebaut’s ready-to-use nut fillings that perfectly resist oven temperatures and fill the bakery with the sweet scent of seduction.