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Chocolate Decorations

The tiniest chocolate pearl on Earth – big in taste, high in crunch

Deliciously coated with chocolate on the outside, the biggest surprise in Crispearls™ comes from the tiny toasted biscuit on the inside. Or how a tiny pearl can create a big effect in and on your sweet delights.

Discover the Crispearls™

Curly in shapes – yet straight in taste

We have a name for every chocolate curl. Whether you prefer blossoms, tagliatelle or shavings, you can count on the perfect shape for every dessert. Long and stylish, short and cute or rough and crafty: create your personalised looks with great chocolate taste.

Discover the chocolate curls

Sprinkle, sprinkle little stars

Chocolate flakes and vermicelli help you turn your delights into eye-catching little stars. What’s more, both flakes and vermicelli are made from 100% Finest Belgian Chocolate and panned into 100% natural hi-glossy sprinkles: no shining agents. No tricks. Just chocolate and dedication – pure and simple. 

Discover these sprinkles

Chocolate sticks and rolls: the cherry on your cakes

Did you know that consumers tend to go more often for dessert when it has chocolate? And that they’re willing to spend more to desserts when they’re craftly decorated. With Callebaut’s choice from sticks and rolls, you have an amazing choice of chocolate decorations to finish your desserts with wonderful taste, a delightful snap and awesome looks. Ready for the cherry picking?

Discover the sticks and rolls

Give shape to your chocolate mood today

Ready to wander through a garden of chocolate shapes to decorate your desserts and amaze your customers? All made with Belgian chocolate for great taste – all carefully crafted to bring you perfect gloss and refined looks: explore this selection of flowers, fans and motifs.

Discover the chocolate fans & fantasy

Add a surprising twist to your creations

Callebaut’s Coloured & Flavoured Callets™ are made with milk or white chocolate, enriched with a dash of fresh colour and flavour. Great to add coloured details to praline shells, hollow figures and desserts. Lovely as well to flavour mousses, sauces and ganaches with a dash of surprise.

Discover the coloured and flavoured Callets™

Recipes with chocolate decorations