Chocolate Heroes

The Chocolate Heroes Campaign

Callebaut launches the Chocolate Heroes campaign. It’s the goal to connect customers and consumers through chocolate experiences and events globally. Callebaut creates a true community, on two levels:  stimulating exchange between artisans AND driving more consumer traffic to our customers’ shops

The higher purpose is not only to grow the business of the Callebaut end users, but also to create great excitement around the Gourmet Chocolate Culture.

At the centre stage of the campaign are the chocolate heroes themselves. The chefs who work hard every day to do what they love and do best: delight every guest. We collected their stories and their recipes and hope they can inspire you or give you the energy to turn your day into a chocolate hero day.  These are the heroes to whom Callebaut dedicates the best cocoa beans in the world. Because, just like us,… they live for great taste.

Meet Chocolate Hero Bartolomiej Jarzyna

“My dad taught me everything. When he started the pastry shop in 1976, times were different in Poland. Working in a communist regime, he created pastries to bring people a little bit of happiness in grey times, even when there was no supply and no choice of ingredients. When I was a kid, my father always insisted on helping him and learning everything about pastry making. Something I didn’t always like back then. Yet today, I’m grateful for it. Because now I understand how every step in pastry making and the choice for quality ingredients make a really good product. Sure, times have changed. And people in Poland have discovered the fantastic taste of chocolate and luxury patisserie. I’m lucky that I can make choices today that my dad couldn’t make. I have access to the most amazing ingredients. That’s why I don’t want to make any compromise on spoiling our fans in Poland with great taste.”

The Hero Week, Belgium, April 2017

How do Belgian artisan praline makers keep up being world-famous for their chocolate skills? How do they believe the Belgian praline of the future will look like? Callebaut asked them to join the tribe of  ‘Belgian Chocolate Heroes Unite’ and get creative around the topic of the ‘Belgian Praline Of Tomorrow’.

Through presence on the digital heroes platform, confectioners promoted their shop, and consumer could discover new addresses to go to. During the Chocolate Hero Week, organized last april, consumers got in touch with the creations of each of the artisans, designed around this specific theme – and they could vote immediately for their favorite creations.

A few facts and figures? In Belgium we could welcome 47 participating chocolatiers and they received all together 29.350 unique online votes. The winner received 3.242 votes. In total 60% of the people visiting the Chocolate Hero Week website entered via Social Media, and the average duration of the website visit was over 3:00.

Digital First

Callebaut went all in for digital. The ‘Chocolate Heroes’ –community and the ‘Chocolate Hero week’ live for a large part online.  Consumers can easily browse for a chocolatier in their neighborhood, simply by clicking the interactive map that displays all participating addresses.
Want to see it for yourself? Go and visit

What’s next?

Where does the next Chocolate Hero Week need to be organized? Have you got any inspiration for a thematical assignment?