Die Bedeutung der Temperatur

In order to apply a flawless layer of chocolate mirror glaze on your cakes and pastries, it is important to keep an eye on temperatures. Your chocolate glaze should be at exactly 35°C before being applied on top. This temperature gives it the ideal fluidity to cover the whole of your cake or piece of pastry with a perfectly smooth, even layer. If it were any hotter, it would melt the outer layer, causing the glaze to slide off. On the other hand, if it were any colder, it would set directly without covering the whole of your baked goods.

Secondly, the temperature of your cakes and pastries is crucial as well. They should be frozen at exactly -18°C before being coated with a layer of chocolate mirror glaze. A lower temperature would create a thermal shock with the chocolate glaze, producing air bubbles in it. A higher temperature would cause the baked goods to melt by the warm glaze.