Find your chocolate taste and great pairing ideas



Find your chocolate taste and great pairing ideas


With Callebaut’s Chocolizer™ chefs can tune and profile their preferred or sought after chocolate flavor 

Is there a chocolate that tastes more intense and reveals more floral notes than the one you have been using regularly? Can you pair your chocolate with beer? Stop wondering and explore the Callebaut Chocolizer™. This interactive tool allows you to compose and tune your favourite chocolate flavour for dark, milk and white chocolate. The app then recommends which Callebaut chocolates correspond best with your preferred flavour.

Pair classic and even unexpected ingredients with chocolate 

The pairing guide of Chocolizer™ works in 2 directions: you can start from an ingredient - let’s say beer – and select a specific beer. The Callebaut Chocolizer™ will then tell you which Callebaut chocolate pairs with the selected beer.

And it works in the opposite way too: Chocolizer™ will list a variety of fabulous pairing ideas for every Callebaut recipe. From Recipe N° 811 to Sao Thomé: you’ll get a choice from matching ingredients that will stimulate your creativity and will delight your customers.

Callebaut Chocolizer is a great tool for professionals who want to get more out of chocolate. And it's free!

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