Chocolate 1.0 in Antwerp

Chocolate 1.0 in Antwerp

Introduction into chocolate making

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  • Dries DelangheChef
  • Justine LanooChef
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You are working as a professional or want to start up a business, and you have less or no experience in the field of chocolate.


Each course will let you discover something new from our brands, our products, and our guest chefs. We offer a wide variety of course options at various skill levels that will allow you to immerse yourself into the fascinating world of chocolate.

Aalstersestraat 122
9280 Lebbeke-Wieze
Dries Delanghe

Dries began his education at the pastry and bakery school in Belgium, Ter Groene Poorte.  He specialized himself in heathly bakery applications, chocolate and industrial bakery/pastry production processes.

After his education he worked in different very renowned restaurants and bakery/pastry shops such as Le Sanglier des Ardennes, Hof Van Cleve which is the only 3 stars restaurant in Belgium, Pierre Herme and Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas.

He loves to combine his passion and knowledge for pastry arts, continuing to learn different techniques and keep up to date with modern flavor profiles.

His background at both Michelin starred restaurants and pastry shops makes him versatile and help him combine the best of both worlds towards the creation of plated desserts, pastries, chocolate bonbons and pieces, ice cream and sorbets, viennoiserie and bread.

He has a very passionated and driven personality and always gives the best of himself.

Justine Lanoo

Justine followed an artistic education in Sint-Lucas Ghent. During her last master year Arts she found the passion - from her grandfather who was patissier – for chocolate. To get more knowledge of chocolate she followed different courses as in the Chocolate Academy™ Centre of Barry Callebaut, and an education with Syntra in Oudenaarde.

In 2013 she worked as chocolatier for Joost Arijs (chocolatier based in Ghent). After 2 years, she started as Chocolate Academy Assistant Barry Callebaut Wieze. Daily she worked with different chefs and enlarged her knowledge in pastry.

Justine adores new experiments and every time is searching for the perfect balance between the visual aspect & the great taste experience.