Шоколадный декор

Данный практический мастер-класс подойдет для тех, кто хочет обучиться различным техникам изготовления декора. Курс предназначен для специалистов, работающих с шоколадом, знающих основы темперирования и работы с шоколадом. В процессе трехдневного мастер-класса вы изготовите свои декоры такие как: нарезные и корпусные декоры, цветы, декоры для тортов и пирожных, монтажная корпусная фигура. Будут использованы различные цветовые сочетания.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Russia, Moscow
Level 2
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You are working as a professional with a good knowledge about the process of chocolate. You have a good knowledge about tempering of chocolate, basic techniques, etc. So, we won't spend time on theory about tempering and cooling of chocolate.

Designed for participants who are confident with chocolate having worked as a craftsperson for some time or have completed a Beginner Course.

CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Russia, Moscow

The CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center, which is the only one of its kind with worldwide locations, offers a diverse range of seminars, demonstrations, theoretical courses and practical workshops designed to inspire artisans and culinary professionals, including pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers and caterers, from around the globe to:

  • Share their passion for fine chocolate with other skilled professionals
  • Continually improve their skills in working with fine chocolate products, such as “Callebaut” (fine Belgian chocolate), “Cacao Barry” (exquisite French chocolate), and “Carma” (high-quality Swiss chocolate) and locally produced “Sicao”
  • Learn more about the latest chocolate-making trends, techniques and recipes

The academy in Moscow will showcase the knowledge that has been accumulated by Barry Callebaut. It is designed to encourage the exchange of technical expertise in the handling of chocolate between professionals.

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