Hazelnut Cruffins

25 servings

Croissant Dough

Ingredients: Croissant Dough

  • 1000 g
    W280 Flour
  • 30 g
  • 200 g
    Butter 82%
  • 280 ml
    cold water
  • 60 g
    powdered milk
  • 25 g
    fine salt
  • 120 g
  • 250 ml
    cold milk

Preparation: Croissant Dough

1. Mix everything except the yeast for 2 minutes on low speed.
2. Add the yeast and knead for 6 minutes on medium speed.
3. Shape the dough into a ball and let it rest covered for 20 minutes at room temperature.
4. Roll out the dough to a size of 60cm x 40cm and refrigerate for 16 hours at 0°C.
5. Incorporate a 500g sheet of 82% butter and perform 2 double folds in succession.
6. Rest at 0°C for 60 minutes and roll out the dough to 0.35mm thickness.
7. Cut rectangles of 15cm x 5cm and roll them into small tubes.
8. Place 3 tubes into well-greased rectangular metal molds (14cm x 4cm).
9. Ferment for 3 hours at 25°C and bake at 170°C for 22 minutes in a convection oven.
10. Unmold and let cool at room temperature.

Hazelnut Cream

Ingredients: Hazelnut Cream

Preparation: Hazelnut Cream

1. Heat the milk with vanilla and salt to 60°C.
2. Infuse for 2 hours.
3. Meanwhile, mix the caramelized sugar powder with the starch.
4. Strain the infusion and mix it with the sugar mixture.
5. Add the egg yolks and heat to 90°C.
6. Off the heat, add the cream and emulsify using a Thermomix.
7. Cool to 3°C and mix in the hazelnut paste. Emulsify again until smooth.


1. Using an injector nozzle, fill each cruffin with 30 grams of hazelnut cream followed by 5 grams of Callebaut hazelnut praline.
2. Spray the cruffins with neutral glaze and grate toasted hazelnuts on top using a Microplane grater.
3. Place hazelnut halves irregularly on the surface and lightly dust with ground cinnamon.