Milk sugar free chocolate pastry cream

The key to delicious cream puffs, luscious cupcakes or a heavenly éclair? Their filling of course. This recipe yields an incredibly rich and creamy milk chocolate pastry cream (or crème pâtissière) that turns all your pastries, cakes and tarts into best-sellers. Expect a pronounced milk chocolate taste with plenty of cocoa flavours, and creamy and caramelly hints. Wondering about which chocolate you should use? Experiment with Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate or Single Origin milk chocolate to find out which pastry cream flavour you like best. With recipe n° 823 for instance, you'll create a cream with rich cocoa and caramelly notes. We recommend using a standard three-drop fluidity (3drops) to achieve a perfect end result.

Pastry cream - sugar free

Ingredients: Pastry cream - sugar free

Preparation: Pastry cream - sugar free

Mix the egg yolks with the maltitol and add the corn starch. 

Bring milk and isomalt to a boil. Temper the egg yolk mixture with it. Bring the whole to a boil again.

Pour the boiling mixture onto the chocolate, emulsify and leave to cool in refrigerator immediately.