Sugars: granulated sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, invert sugar 
Fruit and derivatives, water, stabilisers, thickening agents
Cocoa, dried fruit, alcohol
Dark chocolate couverture, herbs, flavours


Sorbet is essentially sugar syrup that can be flavoured with wine, spices, liquor, fruit purees, etc. It doesn’t contain cream, milk or any of its derivatives.

Chocolate sorbet, which we can basically call ‘lactose-free water-based ice cream’, must contain a very small amount of fat (cocoa butter) to obtain a very fresh mouthfeel that is not too warm.


The production process of sorbet is comparable to that of milk-based ice cream. It is a very delicate product with a short shelf life that can’t be stored in a display counter for too long. That’s why sorbet is more of a frozen dessert offered by caterers and restaurant owners than a real over-the-counter delicacy.


Fats: 5-8%
DCS: 4.5-5.5%
Total sugar content: 26-28%
Total solids content: 37-40%
FP (Freezing Point): 265-270
SP (Sweetening Power): 17-19%
Used couverture: 10-20%

A step by step guide to delicious sorbet

Phase 1
Pasteurisation of the mixture

1. Stir the liquid ingredients together and heat the mixture up to 40°C

  • Meticulously measure out the quantities of all the ingredients in your gelato recipe.
  • Add the following ingredients to the pasteuriser at +4°C:
    - Fresh whole milk
    - All the liquid sugars (i.e. invert sugar, honey...)

2. Blend all the ingredients in powder form together and add them to the mixture

  • At +40°C add the following ingredients and stir them together:
    - Milk powder
    - Dextrose
    - Granulated sugar
    - Powdered glucose syrup
    - Stabilisers

3. Pasteurise

  • Bring the temperature of the mixture up to +72/+75°C and pasteurise it for 15 seconds.




4. Add the couverture and homogenise

  • Add the unmelted couverture and homogenise the mixture while rapidly lowering its temperature to +4°C. Let it mature at +4°C for 4 to 6 hours.

5. Cool rapidly

6. Let the mixture mature


Phase 2
Making the ice cream

1. Churn the ice cream

  • Pour the mixture in the ice cream machine and churn it at -5°C for 5 to 10 minutes.

(2. Add alcohol at -5°C)

3. Extrude the ice cream from the ice cream machine



4. Harden the ice cream in the blast freezer

  • Place the mixture in the blast freezer to harden it. If you want to store your delicious chocolate gelato in a display counter, bring its temperature down to -14°C. If you want to store it in a freezer, bring it down to -18°C.

5. Sell the ice cream or store it (in a display counter)