Which exciting flavours for your ice cream preparation

Top of your ice cream with great taste

Callebaut decorations


Who wouldn’t melt for a great presentation? Especially when good looks also taste great. With Callebaut’s decorations, you can create your own special touch and add a delight ful bite and crunch to any ice cream dessert.


Caramelised nut pieces: crunchy goes nuts

These nut decorations remain crunchy – even mixed into ice cream or sprinkled on top.

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Roasted nut pieces: the 100% crisp for ice cream

Just sprinkle them on top before serving to add a delightful and natural crisp to your ice cream. 

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Butter curly chocolate: looks like butter but tastes like chocolate

Each curl is different, which makes them ideal for creating a true artisanal look.

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Crispearls™: mini chocolate pearls with a crispy cookie inside

The combination of a crunchy toasted biscuit heart with Callebaut chocolate ernrobing makes them completely irrisistible. Available in drak, milk, white, strawberry and salted caramel.

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Chocolate Blossoms: great taste comes in many colours

Just sprinkle on top or create special effects and highlights. Available in a wide variety of colours and flavours.

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