Hand-dipped chocolates - choosing the right chocolate

Depending on the flavour combinations and the type of chocolate shell you want to realise in your enrobed or hand-dipped chocolates, there are several types of Callebaut chocolate to choose from. This video reveals which chocolates are best suited for the results you want to achieve.


What should you take to heart when making enrobed or hand-dipped chocolates?
Choose the right fluidity: three drops for a chocolate shell of average thickness, four drops for a thin and crunchy chocolate shell.

For hand-dipping, use a deep, well-filled bowl of tempered chocolate so it maintains a constant temperature for as long as possible and won’t overcrystallise.

Use a clean dipping fork to make sure that you can place the chocolates onto your plastic quite easily.

Only use fillings with a firm, stiff texture covered with a thin but hard layer of chocolate in order to avoid skewing while dipping.

Make sure that the temperature of the fillings isn’t too cold. Keeping them at room temperature is ideal.