Fat bloom, a natural phenomenon, but unappealing nonetheless

The three main causes of fat bloom

Fat bloom is a natural phenomenon that appears as a white-greyish bloom and will show on any chocolate product eventually. But certain factors accelerate the process. In itself, fat bloom doesn’t affect the taste of your chocolate directly, but it simply doesn’t look appealing.

There are three main reasons for an untimely appearance of this chocolate imperfection:

  1. Fat bloom will occur when chocolate hasn’t been tempered properly. The chocolate will never set into a hard, shiny and snappy product; and fat bloom will appear within hours.
  2. The most common cause of fat bloom is when the fat in a fat-based filling (e.g. pralines, marzipan or other nut-based fillings) migrates into your chocolate shell.
  3. Fat bloom will appear way faster when your finished products aren’t kept in perfect storage conditions. A storage temperature that is too high or subject to temperature swings accelerates the process of fat migration significantly.

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