Yuzu Ruby Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake

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Pure delight, this ruby chocolate cheesecake is sweet yet tangy with a lovely pink hue that will be a hit on any dessert menu.

Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients

Yuzu Ruby Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake

  • 250g
    shortbread cookie crumbs
  • 6spoon(s)
    butter melted

For the crust, toss together shortbread crumbs, and melted butter. Then, press into the bottom of a 9-inch quick release cake tin and freeze for 30 to 60 minutes or until firm

  • 7g
    powdered gelatin
  • 25ml
    yuzu juice

For the filling, sprinkle gelatin over yuzu juice and let it stand for 5 minutes

  • 75ml
    boiling water

After standing, gradually stir in 75 ml of boiling water until the gelatin is completely dissolved, then set aside and cool slightly

Stir together the melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk then set aside to cool

  • 500g
    full-fat cream cheese
  • 250ml
    double cream (48%)
  • 1spoon(s)
    beetroot powder
  • 1spoon(s)
    vanilla extract
  • 2spoon(s)
    caster sugar

Whilst cooling, beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy, then beat in the double cream, beetroot powder, vanilla and sugar until smooth. 

Once combined, stir in the melted chocolate mixture and then the gelatin mixture until blended, then pour over the crust base

Smooth over the top and refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours or until set

  • 75g
    frozen raspberries
  • 2spoon(s)
    freeze-dried raspberry pieces
  • 1spoon(s)
    dried rose petals
  • .
    Callebaut® Dark Chocolate Pencils

Cut the cheesecake into 8 wedges and garnish each serving with 2-3 frozen raspberries, 1 tsp freeze dried raspberries, 1-2 tbsp sprinkling of dried rose petals, and Callebaut® Dark Chocolate Pencils