Straws & stripes

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  • Peter Hernou - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux

It’s a proven formula: the intense taste of dark chocolate pairs excellently with the fresh and fruity sweetness of strawberries. No wonder chocolate-covered strawberries are such a worldwide success. So why not bring this lucrative combination of flavours to play in an irresistible chocolate drink? And do you know how to make strawberry syrup? It will help you adjust the flavour intensity of your drink to the sweet tooth of your customers.

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Straws & stripes

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    whipped cream
  • Q.S.

Prepare freshly whipped cream with small pieces of strawberry.

Select a beautifully cut glass and mash the strawberries to cover the bottom. Pour the ganache over the strawberry layer. Steam milk up to ± 72°C and pour in the glass. Allow the foam to rest for a little while and finish with the whipped cream.

Top off with a few strawberry slices and some ground chocolate.

Tip: prepare the mashed strawberries in advance with a bit of sugar to get a deliciously fresh syrup.