Almond praline filling for enrobing

This recipe yields a wonderful almond praline. Its texture? Deliciously smooth and perfect for enrobing. Its taste? Excellently balanced between the creamy milk taste of recipe n° CW2 white chocolate and the sweet, fruity taste of medium roasted almonds. The outcome? Mouth-wateringly good enrobed pralines and the happy customers that taste them! To maintain its 6-month shelf life, we recommend storing this almond praline in optimal conditions (16°C/away from light).

Praline filling for enrobed pralines

Ingredients: Praline filling for enrobed pralines

Preparation: Praline filling for enrobed pralines

Mix together, bring to 23°C and pour into a 38 x 28 x 1-cm frame.
Leave to crystallise and enrobe with a thin layer of Callebaut® chocolate.