Dark chocolate mousse

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  • Jeroen De Rick - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium
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This straightforward chocolate mousse recipe yields a creamy dark chocolate mousse with a smooth, well-aerated texture and an intense chocolate taste. It’s perfect as a dessert, but if you’re looking for a chocolate mousse to use in your pastries, we suggest checking out our chocolate mousse recipes based on pâte à bombe or crème anglaise.

Recipe components

Dark chocolate mousse

  • 189g
  • 23g

Mix and heat to 80°C.

Pour milk mixture over chocolate and emulsify with hand mixer. Leave to cool to 35-40°C.

  • 303g
    whipped cream

Fold in with spatula.

Leave to rest overnight. Fill star-nozzled piping bag with mousse. Pipe in the shape of your choice on mini cups or plates.