Dragees "Mountain"

Created by

  • Josep Maria Ribé - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Spain
level 2

This is the third of Callebaut chef Josep Maria Ribé’s quadrumvirate of dragées that make up his Natural Sensing chocolate box, with which he intends to reconnect people with nature by creating chocolate experiences that appeal to all five senses. This powerful chocolate dragée solely contains ingredients that remind the chef of the mountains.

Recipe components


  • 3000g
    roasted whole hazelnuts
  • 600g

Caramelise the hazelnuts.

First coating: gianduja chocolate mixture


Mix at 45°C.

  • 150g
    truffle oil
  • 3g
    black truffle extract

Add to the above chocolate-gianduja mixture.

Temper the mixture at 23°C. Paint the walls of the panning drum with pre-crystallised dark chocolate (Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe n° 811), so the hazelnuts don't slide during panning. Turn the cold air to 8°C inside the drum. Add the hazelnuts to the drum and gradually start to add the gianduja. Take care initially as the dragées can easily stick to one another. Continue to build up the dragée with gianduja until finished.

Second coating: gianduja chocolate mixture


With the drum turning and the cool air set at 8°C, add the dark chocolate Ecuador bit by bit. Once finished, heat the pan slightly with hot air to round the dragées. Once rounded, cool the pan once again with cold air at 8°C.

Third layer: dusting with powder


To finish, blast-heat the dragées with a blowtorch and add cocoa powder, with no air. Ensure the cocoa powder is uniformly distributed. Remove the dragées from the pan and leave to set for a few hours. Sieve off any excess cocoa powder.