Power potion

Created by

  • Annemie Van Trimpont - Callebaut® Ambassador and owner of Meat Culinaire Slagersboetiek Belgium
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On the occasion of Tomorrowland, Callebaut chef Annemie Van Trimpont quenched the thirst of festivalgoers from all over the world with a dark chocolate and raspberry power potion that gave them the energy to enjoy the festival for hours on end. And now you have the chance to recreate this deliciously refreshing chocolate drink and serve it to any customer that’s in for a tall glass of fruity goodness.

Recipe components

Power potion

  • 25g
  • 25ml

Heat up the milk (72°C), mix together and leave to cool.

  • 120ml
    raspberry puree
  • 80ml
    low-fat yoghurt

Mix together and serve ice cold.