Chilly choffy

Created by

  • Peter Hernou - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux
level 2

There’s iced coffee and then there’s the Chilly Choffy – the iced coffee 2.0 if you will. Composed of freshly brewed coffee (turned into ice cubes), intense-tasting homemade dark chocolate ganache, ice cream and a bit of milk, this wonerfully refreshing beverage has an incredible mouthfeel and a delightfully fulfilling density. Topped with a handful of Mini ChocRocks™ for an extra bit of dark chocolate taste and texture, and decorated with a fresh physalis for an unexpected touch of sweet and sour, this chocolate drink is a real exploration of tastes and flavours.

Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients

Chilly choffy

  • Q.S.
    coffee ice cubes

Brew filter coffee from freshly roasted beans and freeze into coffee ice cubes (the day before).

  • 150ml
  • 150ml
  • Q.S.
    ice cream
Mix all ingredients in a blender. Put a few coffee ice cubes in a nice cocktail glass and pour the milk-ganache-ice cream shake in it.
Decorate with Mini ChocRocks™ and a fresh physalis on top.