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Inspired by the tradition of distinguished Italian desserts, Callebaut chef Alexandre Bourdeaux created Agrumi, an ode to the delightfully refreshing taste of citrus fruits. But this jewel of a dessert harbours more than an energising tartness: the pleasant tang of the bergamot and calamondin mousse inside the plated dessert is beautifully complemented by hints of vanilla, caramel and tonka bean, and the sweet, creamy taste of Finest Belgian milk Chocolate. Delightfully pleasing to the eye, but even more pleasing to the tongue.


Recipe components

Soft chocolate biscuit

  • 299g
    egg white
  • 223g
    caster sugar

Beat together with a bit of cream of tartar.

  • 239g
    egg yolks

Whisk by hand and add.

Sieve together and gently fold into previous mixture.

Make a ganache. Gently fold in part of previous mixture and then gently fold in the rest. 

Spread out on 40 x 60-cm baking tray covered with Silpat or baking sheet and bake at 170°C for 15 minutes. Leave to cool in refrigerator immediately and cut to desired size.

Rice crisp and Chocrocks™ crunch



Add, pour into 40 x 30-cm frame and cut to desired size.

Kalamasi and bergamot mousse

  • 212g
    invert sugar
  • 270g
    egg white
  • 115g
    Capfruit kalamansi puree
  • 115g
    Capfruit bergamot puree

Mix together and heat up to 80°C.

  • 36g
    gelatin mass

Add to a bowl together with previous mixture, emulsify and pour into mould.

Tonka flavoured milk chocolate mousse


Make a ganache. Leave to cool to 40°C.

  • 35g
    gelatin mass

Soften and add to previous mixture.

  • 403g
    35% cream

Whip and add. Apply immediately.

Caramel glazing

  • 482g
    caster sugar
  • 402g

Caramelise sugar and deglaze with water.

  • 321g

Add to previous mixture and boil to 103°C.

Pour boiling mixture on top and homogenise with stick blender. Leave to rest in refrigerator for 24 hours. Apply at 30°C.

Finishing and presentation


Fill Silikomart pastry moulds for 1/3 with tonka-flavoured milk chocolate mousse, and 1/3 with kalamansi and bergamot mousse.

Insert soft chocolate biscuit and close mould with rice crisp and ChocRocks™ crunch.

Freeze, unmould and glaze. Decorate to the taste.