Power and coffee ganache

Created by

  • Philippe Vancayseele - Master Chocolatier Senior, Montreal Chocolate Academy™ Training Center
level 2

Callebaut’s Power 80 chocolate craves other power flavours. Hence the combination of powerful ground coffee in the recipe. On the taste buds, it feels like a battle of the bitters. Or better still a lovely bittersweet hug.

Recipe components

Bitter ganache

  • 250g
  • 20g
  • 25g

Bring to the boil.

Pour the glucose/cream mixture on the chocolate. Mix well.

  • 60g
  • Q.S.
    ground coffee

Add at 30°C. Mix until smooth and add in a small quantity of ground coffee. Leave to cool until you obtain the desired texture (pipeable).

Make gianduja strips (e.g. 1 cm wide and 2 mm thick) using Callebaut dark gianduja. Pipe three cylinders onto the gianduja strips. Leave to cool. Cut into the desired size and dip into milk chocolate Callebaut 845NV. Sprinkle some ground coffee over the dipped praline.