Pistachio mousse with cherry gel

Created by

  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux
level 2

In this recipe, pistachio is the genuine flavour hero. It's balanced out with a milk chocolate crémeux - Alexandre prefers the single origine Arriba for this recipe - revealing intense cocoa flavours and acidic, fruity hints that pair beautifully with the cherry insert.

Pistachio mousse with cherry gel

Recipe components

Pistachio sponge cake


Mix together in a Robot-Coupe.

  • 108g
    egg white
  • 65g

Carefully fold into the previous mixture.

Frozen cherry gel

  • 568g
    red cherry puree

Heat to 40°C.

  • 64g
    inverted sugar syrup
  • 10g
    powdered gelatin

Dissolve and pour into the Demarle standard triangle and 2 Flexipan hoops (16 cm).

Insert frozen pieces of cherry into the jelly. 
Create with a plastic guitare sheet a tube of 1cm diameter and fill up the cherry jelly. Freeze directly.

Pistachio mousse

  • 6g
    powdered gelatin
  • 33g


Boil. Melt the Callebaut Pure Pistachio Paste in the hot water.

  • 92g
    egg white
  • 174g
    caster sugar

Heat to 50°C and beat into a Swiss meringue.

Gently mix the two preparations.
Add the melted gelatin.

  • 321g
    whipping cream

Finish with whipped cream (e.g. Debic Duo).

Use immediately.

Arriba chocolate crémeux

  • 4g
    powdered gelatin
  • 20g


  • 191g
  • 19g
    glucose syrup DE 60
  • 19g
    inverted sugar syrup
  • 23g
    powdered milk 1% fat


Pour previous mixture on top of the couverture and gelatin.

  • 428g
    35% cream

Slowly pour in the semi-liquid cream whilst mixing.
Texture should be perfect for whipping. 4°C.



Pour the cherry gel into a plastic tube, freeze and demould. 
Fill the silicone mould to 3/4 with pistachio mousse. Insert the cherry gel. 
Complete with pistachio mousse and finish off with the pistachio spongy biscuit. 
Freeze and demould. Spray with a mixture of 70% white chocolate Callebaut W2, 30% cocoa butter Mycryo and 1 green Power Flower. 
Finish with whipped puffs of Arriba crèmeux. 
Decorate as you like.