Christmas Themed Showpiece Course - 1 day

Christmas Themed Showpiece Course - 1 day

Introduction:  Would you like to learn new techniques and skills to be able to create an innovative Christmas themed chocolate showpiece?

Who should attend:  Pastry chefs and chocolatiers who have a good level of understanding of chocolate making and wants to improve their skills and learn new techniques.

What the course will cover: 
During the course you will create a showpiece ready for display in a chocolate shop window, front of house reception or on a buffet table. You will learn a range of techniques whilst making your showpiece incorporating spraying, use of cocoa butter colours, creative powders and transfer sheets.

During the course you will create a medium chocolate showpiece and with the skills gained you will be able to design your own bespoke showpieces. 

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre United Kingdom, Banbury
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Çikolata hakkında bilgi sahibi olan ve profesyonel olarak çalışan kişiler. Çikolatanın temperlenmesi ve başlangıç tekniklerine hakimseniz bu workshopta bunlarla zamanımızı harcamıyoruz.
Başlangıç seviyesini bitirmiş ve bu konuda daha ayrıntılı bilgi sahibi olmak isteyenler için tasarlanmış derstir.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre United Kingdom, Banbury

The UK CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and is a ‘State of the Art’ purpose-built training environment with eight individual work stations, allowing for one-to-one, hands-on tuition. The Academy is situated adjacent to the factory allowing easy access for tours of the Barry Callebaut plant.

Our courses have been designed to offer practical and theoretical help for the novice chocolatier through to the chocolate artisan, pastry chef, confectioner, baker, caterer and lecturer.

We are extremely proud to have some distinguished chefs from both the United Kingdom and Europe to help run our courses, all of whom have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of chocolate.

We would welcome the opportunity to share with you our passion and expertise to expand and fulfil your chocolate creativity.

Wildmere Road Industrial Estate
OX16 3UU Banbury Oxfordshire
United Kingdom - Ireland
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