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Crema Doppia Nocciola

Looking for a premium cream filling created for real artisans? Crema Doppia Nocciola is a delicious nut crema made with 18,5% freshly roasted hazelnuts. They're shelled just moments before roasting so they release their authentic taste & reliable texture. Combined with 16,5% Callebaut® chocolate, this cream filling boasts a more intense and persistent hazelnut taste. Crema is a brand new product range offering decadent, easy-to-use chocolate fillings perfect for spreading, piping, injecting, flavouring, filling and decorating in a wide range of post-baking applications. It's even gluten-free, and contains no colourants, artificial flavourings or soy!
Cremas offers:
• Superior and unique taste experience with chocolate
• A creamy and instantly workable texture at room temperature
• Ingredients from natural sources
• Increased profitability
• A product supporting Cacao Horizons

Onde encontrar Callebaut?

16,5% chocolate and 18,5% hazelnuts for a more intense and persistent hazelnut taste.

Como Usar

Store the product in a clean, dry and odourless environment (15-20 °C). Always use a clean and dry spoon/spatula. We do not recommend reheating the product. Do not store it in a fridge or freezer. In case of partial separation of oils in storage, mix the product thoroughly to recover the original texture.
Lower temperatures may cause fat crystallisation, resulting in potential product clogging. Apply slight heat and stir to return the product to perfect condition.

Principais Características

Rich Hazelnut Filling. An incredibly rich cream filling with an extra amount of freshly roasted hazelnuts and a boost of Callebaut® cocoa for a more intense hazelnut taste. Simply pipe or inject instantly after baking. 

  • 16.5%Chocolate
  • 18.5%Avelãs


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