Romantik auf dem Teller - ein Dessert zum Valentinstag

Romantik auf dem Teller - ein Dessert zum Valentinstag

“All you need is love” und ein schokoladiges Dessert mit feiner CARMA® Couverture. 
Bringen sie eine Portion Romantik auf Ihren Teller und fühlen Sie die Schmetterlinge im Bauch flattern. In diesem einstündigen Webinar in englischer Sprache wird Ihnen Juan Pablo Colubri, Leiter der Chocolate AcademyTM Zürich zeigen, wie Sie die Herzen ihrer Gäste mit einem wunderschönen Dessert zum Valentins Tag höher schlagen lassen können. 
Das Webinar ist auf Englisch.  
All you need is love - and a chocolaty dessert made of exquisite CARMA® Couverture. 
Bring some romance to your plate and feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. In this one hour webinar, Juan Pablo Colubri,Lead of the Chocolate AcademyTM Zurich, will show you how to let hearts beat faster and create a beautiful plated dessert , dedicated to Valentine’s day. 



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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Switzerland, Zurich
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General Interest courses relevant to all chocolate professionals of varying skill levels and dealing with items such as Marketing, Packaging, Labelling and Merchandising.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Switzerland, Zurich

Our "Maîtres Pâtissiers Chocolatiers Confiseurs" push themselves every day to new limits. As Trendsetters they are searching new techniques and develop sweet creations for all occasions. Since more than 20 years, CARMA offers creative and professional trainings for specialists.

The CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center is managed by an experienced and innovative "Maître Pâtissier-Chocolatier-Confiseur", who likes to share her experiences and knowledge with Chefs, Bakers, Confectioners, Chocolatiers and other professionals. Theory, technical demonstrations and hands on workshops are the key of success in our training programs.

Professional Know-How, support and a huge variety of recipes are available for our customers at any time. The wide product range of Carma allows the creation of many varieties of desserts, pastries, confections and chocolates which will inspire both customers and consumers.

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