Brigadeiros: texturas, sabores e combinações, por Mika Sakihama

Brigadeiros: texturas, sabores e combinações, por Mika Sakihama

Conheça as técnicas das diferentes texturas, sabores e combinações para fazer brigadeiros. Ministrado pela cake designer, Mika Sakihama, formada em Sugar Craft Design, em Tóquio, a aula vai contar com quatro produções para satisfazer todos os gostos.

- Brigadeiro alcoólico whisky;

- Brigadeiro cremoso de matchá e passas ao rum; 

- Mousse brigadeiro de caramelo;

- Brigadeiro de amêndoas sem glúten e sem lactose. 

Instagram: @mika_sakihama


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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Brasil, São Paulo
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Josep Maria Ribé

Josep Maria was born in Centelles, a small town situated inthe heart of Catalonia. From a tender age and eager to help in the family restaurant business run by his parents Josep Maria and Conchi, he decided to study Hotel and Catering Management in the Joviat School in Manresa. He studied as a general and pastry Chef for 5 years, but it was not until his last year at the school that he began to dedicate himself full time to the world of pastry, experiencing and experimenting in the world of everything sweet. This enthused and motivated him towards working with pastry in general and the jewel in the crown, chocolate. He joined Aula Chocovic in 2001 ( Now Chocolate-Academy) and trained extensively in this complex but exciting world, going on to give his first courses, seminars and demonstrations in 2003. Since then he has run training seminars at both National and International level and over the years has gained a broad vision of current pastry confection and tendancies. His professional drive and an innate need to excel led him to participate and win many pastry and chocolatier competitions all over the world.