Chef's One Day Chocolate Training

Chef's One Day Chocolate Training

Introduction:  Are you working as a chef and would like to learn more about working with chocolate?  This foundation course will give you the basics you need.

This course is designed for professional chefs to help build confidence in working with chocolate in all the different applications across the menu.  We will look at the theory behind working with chocolate and the practicalities of working with it within the kitchen environment.

What the course will cover:

The science of tempering chocolate by microwave and chocolate melter by pre-crystallising with Callebaut callets and Mycryo cocoa butter.  You will be taught how to temper ganaches in the Thermomix or Robot Coupe.

During the course you will make:

  • Decorated moulded chocolates using coloured cocoa butters and creative powders
  • Chocolate truffles showing different contemporary finishes
  • Ganache fillings
  • Modern glazing of chocolate desserts
  • Chocolate decorations to enhance any dessert or afternoon tea

By the end of the course you will have the basic skills and techniques to give you confidence in working with chocolate

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre United Kingdom, Banbury
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You are working as a professional or want to start up a business, and you have less or no experience in the field of chocolate.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre United Kingdom, Banbury

The UK CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and is a ‘State of the Art’ purpose-built training environment with eight individual work stations, allowing for one-to-one, hands-on tuition. The Academy is situated adjacent to the factory allowing easy access for tours of the Barry Callebaut plant.

Our courses have been designed to offer practical and theoretical help for the novice chocolatier through to the chocolate artisan, pastry chef, confectioner, baker, caterer and lecturer.

We are extremely proud to have some distinguished chefs from both the United Kingdom and Europe to help run our courses, all of whom have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of chocolate.

We would welcome the opportunity to share with you our passion and expertise to expand and fulfil your chocolate creativity.

Wildmere Road Industrial Estate
OX16 3UU Banbury Oxfordshire
United Kingdom - Ireland