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Who should attend:  Anyone who is thinking of becoming a chocolatier, or would like to learn the basic skills of working with chocolate. 

What the course will cover:  This is an informative theoretical and practical course.  During the course there will be a theory session where we will look at the chocolate making process from cocoa bean to bar, as well as the science of tempering chocolate.  The following methods will be covered:  pre-crystallising with Callebaut callets and Mycryo cocoa butter using a chocolate melter, microwave and semi industrial machines.

The course will also touch on the science of making ganache fillings as well learning a wide range of basic chocolate making skills and techniques:-

  • Moulded chocolates with ganache filling

  • Chocolate lollipops

  • Chocolate truffles

  • Cut ganache centres which you will hand dip

  • Use of transfer 


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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre China, Shanghai
Level 2
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Nível Level 2


You are a professional with good knowledge of chocolate. You are familiar with the tempering of chocolate and the basic techniques. This course does not discuss tempering or cooling chocolates.

Designed for participants who have confidence in their skills of wkrking with chocolate, have worked as a craftsperson or completed the Chocolate Academy Beginners course.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre China, Shanghai

This unique professional training center in China will allow you to follow classes with focused themes, improve your working skills with fine chocolate, and learn about latest trends, techniques and recipes. A great emphasis will also be put on providing you the opportunity to to meet other talented professionals and to share together your passion about chocolate.
Renowned guest chefs, including Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), and our experienced Cacao Barry technical advisors, will be guiding you through the classes and sharing with you their expertise and know-how. We are looking forward to sharing with you our passion about chocolate.

1602 Zhong Shan Road(west)