ChocoBase Al Latte

Create your own signature milk chocolate gelato taste. ChocoBase al Latte is the milk chocolate gelato base for true artisans that love to spoil their customers with the mild taste of milk chocolate. Mix it with milk and your preferred Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate or Origin mik chocolate to create a full-flavoured, smooth-textured chocolate gelato with a perfectly creamy consistency.
ChocoBase al Latte is the perfect base for the artisan gelatiero who loves to create his unique flavours.


Base for the preparation of milk chocolate gelato: just add your preferred milk chocolate to create a unique gelato taste

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• Mix with 2,4 kg of milk (70-85°C) + 800 g of your preferred milk chocolate during 2 minutes
• For a better structure, leave to rest in refrigerator (3-5°C) for ± 30 mins.
• Pour into batch freezer and start churning


Base to prepare milk chocolate gelato
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